Our Horses

A lesson horse is perhaps the greatest horse of them all, for it takes so many great qualities to make up these fantastic equines and at Armadale Stables and Ride That Horse Equestrian Park, we ensure our students have the best of the best to learn, grow and enjoy! 

First and foremost in a lesson horse we need a have a pleasant, sweet and forgiving attitude. These horses need to be able to deal with both children and adults who are learning, and even with the best of tuteledge , mistakes are made. A great lesson horse has the patience and the love of people to be understanding through these mistakes in order to facilitate the learning process! 

All of our lesson horses enjoy human companionship and love a good grooming!

Of course a great lesson horse must also have great conformation (their physical build) , and be healthy and sound! Being "sound" doesn't mean they can sing, in the horse world being sound refers to being able to happily and comfortably do their work each day!  

At Ride That Horse , the health, happiness and soundess of our horses is of absolute highest importance! Happy horses make the best lesson horses! Our lesson horses have lots of room to move about and socialize with other horses in their free time and big roomy shelters to stay comfortable in the Saskatchewan weather. 

Each horse has custom fitted tack for each discipline to ensure their comfort while they do their job! 

Horse health care is very important to us and our lesson horses have all the best preventative care from their teeth down to their feet to ensure they can be at their best every day. 


Of course being a lesson horse requires impeccable training! Our horses have excellent manners on the ground and under saddle, and lots of experience behind them. 

Every horse we employ has multidisciplinary experience. Some of them are specialized in Saddleseat, Dressage, English Pleasure, Western Dressage and Western Pleasure as well as competetive obstacles in hand and under saddle. All of our horses have show ring experience. Some of them at the local level and some right up to the Grand National  and Worlds level.

To ensure these beautiful creatures stay well rounded, sensitive, responsive and respectful they are frequently updated on their training by advanced professionals. 

Of course too much work is never a good thing, and our lesson horses are never over-used. Our horses have ample down to to rest so they are always pleasant and refreshed!

All of this together ensures that Ride That Horse Equestrian Park's lesson program offers its riders a great experience! Each of our horses promises cute fluffy ears, large soft eyes, an equisitely velvety muzzle perfect for kissing and that amazing horsey smell that every horse lover desires! They love their job, and the attention lavished on them by their beloved students.